They call me Moo

List with Angus, he’s full of bull!The First logo, adding color in 1990 was a huge thing! Angus Woodbury Real Estate in Chicago's Western Suburbs

It just didn’t seem like a very good marketing strategy back in 1989 (or today for that matter)

This was pre-internet, and also pre-massive hype for Angus beef. Some people knew about Angus Young (ACDC) but as a general rule, people were often sidetracked by my name.

I was young, and I was looking for a slogan, an image to set me apart from the bazillion other agents in town. A strategy to help people remember me.

I struggled with this until one day there was a computer box in the office from a little company called Gateway Computers (they exist in a different form now, but at one time they were the largest direct seller of personal computers in the US)..

They used cow spots on their  marketing materials.

Aha! I would use cow spot lettering (yes, I know.. Angus cattle are notably lacking in spots) and my slogan would be “your best mooove!”

By the late 90's we were full color. Angus Woodbury Real Estate in Chicago's Western Suburbs

It was fun, so I ran with it.  Anything that I could do with cows to relate to the business, I did.

It worked!  I was involved in several national groups over the years, Allen Hainge’s CyberStars, The CyberProfessionals, Star Power and Floyd Wickman’s Master Sales Academy.. I became known as the “cow guy”.  Online, people and friends starting calling me “Moo” and it stuck.

It’s been more than 30 years, I’m not changing cows midstream

#MooInNaperville #MooInWheaton #MooInAurora

#YourBestMoooveEarly 90's marketing, not just another face in the crowd. Angus Woodbury Real Estate in Chicago's Western Suburbs